Course Content - 1 hour

This mini research update will look at the the impact of starting PFMT at 6 weeks postpartum on the 6month outcomes for

  1. Pelvic Organ Prolapse (anatomy and symptoms)
  2. Resolution of Levator Ani Avulsion
  3. Levator Hiatus Size

The webinar will specifically consider whether the outcome is different depending on whether women do or do not have a levator ani avulsion at the time of commencing PFMT.

Finally, a general theme underpinning all discussions will be the debate as to whether there really is research to justify stating that 'all women need to perform PFMT early after birth'.

A certificate for 1hour of Professional Development Learning will be generated for all participants who complete the multiple choice quiz at the end (5 questions)

NOTE: Recommended learning prior to this webinar (available at bottom of page)

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  2. 2020 Levator Avulsion Mini Webinar (2.5hrs) - $30AUD