Course Content - 2.5hours

This short introductory course on levator trauma will provide an understanding of

  1. Definitions of Levator Trauma: macro vs microtrauma
  2. Assessment of Levator Trauma by Ultrasound
  3. Identifying the Plane of Minimal Dimensions
  4. Assessment via Depth of Defect across serial slices
  5. Unilateral vs Bilateral Avulsion
  6. Partial vs Full Thickness Avulsion
  7. Minor vs Major
  8. Levator Urethra Gap Measurement
  9. Risk Factors for Avulsion
  10. Antenatal Risk Factors
  11. Intrapartum Risk Factors
  12. Consequences / Impact
  13. chance of natural recovery
  14. impact on Pelvic Floor Function
  15. impact on risk of POP
  16. second birth after avulsion
  17. PFMT and Avulsion
  18. Q&A from Live Session


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